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Young mother, holding tenderly her newbo

 Lactation Consultations

Covered by MSP Carecard

The Richmond Breastfeeding Centre is a Rapid Access Referral Clinic

staffed by highly-skilled and experienced Registered Midwives 

who specialize in lactation consultation and are IBCLC certified.


Services are fully covered by MSP if a referral is made by a Midwife, Physician, Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner or Registered Social Worker and the baby is under 6 weeks old.

Private Pay consultations are available without a referral.


Prenatal consultations are available when there is a history of feeding problems,

or medical concerns that may impact feeding with a first baby such as twins/multiples, breast surgeries, gestational diabetes, or any anticipated challenges for baby or parent.

Infant Feeding Problems We Help Solve

Serious calm careful young black mom sit

Latch & Positioning 

  • painful latch

  • nipple damage

  • poor milk transfer

  • ergonomic problems (carpal tunnel)

  • clogged milk ducts

  • mastitis

  • baby refusing the breast

  • poor suck

  • baby sliding off, repeated unlatching

Milk Supply 

  • breast reduction or augmentation surgery 

  • low milk supply

  • slow newborn weight gain

  • forceful letdown reflex

  • oversupply

  • how to pump & store milk

  • exclusive pumping

  • bottle feeding expressed breast milk

  • weaning & returning to work

  • milk suppression after infant loss

Mom use electric breast pump feeding   f
Close up mother breast feeding her newbo

Other Concerns

  • Prenatal consultations available for history of feeding problems, or anticipated problems

  • lactation supports for LGBTQ+ families

  • co-lactation, chestfeeding, induced lactation

  • neonatal jaundice

  • tongue & lip tie 

  • cleft palate

  • feeding twins & multiples

  • introducing solids

  • delayed feeding due to NICU stay

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