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The Richmond Breastfeeding Centre is a Rapid Access Referral Clinic

staffed by highly-skilled and experienced Registered Midwives 

who specialize in lactation consultation.



Services are fully covered by MSP if a referral is made by a Midwife, Physician, Registered Nurse,  Nurse Practitioner or Registered Social Worker and the baby is under 6 weeks old.

Private Pay consultations are available without a referral.

Mother is  breastfeeding her sweet newbo

We conduct a thorough assessment and diagnosis of infant feeding problems and collaborate with families to develop an individualized plan to help overcome feeding challenges.

Meet the Team

We bring to our practice a strong academic background in the anatomy and physiology of  

lactation, a passion for evidence-based clinical practice, a clear communication style and

incredible compassion for each family's breastfeeding struggles.


Jillian Simon  RM IBCLC

Registered Midwife &

IBCLC Lactation Consultant


Candace Plohman RM IBCLC

Registered Midwife &

IBCLC Lactation Consultant


Tracy Kemp  RM IBCLC

Registered Midwife &

IBCLC Lactation Consultant

Seeing so many families struggle with breastfeeding during my Midwifery practice, I developed a special interest in lactation medicine.  To expand my skills and scope I became a IBLCE board-certified Lactation Consultant in 2015.  I have advanced training in infant tongue tie management and a special interest in orofacioal development in babies.

I provide Lactation Consultations in hospital, home and clinic settings.  I care for Midwifery and non-midwifery patients.  I often meet with parents before birth to develop a plan to avoid feeding problems, especially when breastfeeding didn't go well with a previous child.   



Carlie Sanford,  RM IBCLC

Registered Midwife &

IBCLC Lactation Consultant

 My passion for lactation support was further magnified by the births of my own three babies and my own infant feeding experiences - I personally breastfed for 7 years straight, through 2 pregnancies, also tandem-feeding two toddlers! This did not come without some significant challenges however, and I recognize that feeding may not always go as planned. 


I hope to provide families with as much support as possible in reaching their own unique feeding goals by helping them  feel confident in whatever their feeding choices may be.

Paula 2.jpg

Paula Schikkerling,   RM IBCLC

Registered Midwife &

IBCLC Lactation Consultant

I graduated from the UBC Midwifery program and have worked as a full scope registered midwife in Vancouver for 15 years. As a lactation consultant I am keen to support families in reaching their personal infant feeding goals. 


I have a special interest in infant tongue tie and am a member of the Ankyloglossia working group at BC Women's Hospital, working with an interdisciplinary team to improve assessment and treatment options for babies.

My many years of midwifery practice have given me a wealth of experience in supporting each unique family in a way that fits their needs.


Elise Beutel

Office Manager

As a Registered Midwife and Lactation Consultant I have enjoyed working with diverse parents through pregnancy, birth and into their postpartum journeys for the past ten years. Assisting people during the transition to parenthood is my great privilege!


My own experience with difficulties feeding my daughter fuelled my passion to help others with this sometimes challenging endeavour. My goal is to listen to you, provide realistic and practical help, and to keep you informed on decisions and evidence around feeding your baby.

I have always been passionate about supporting choice in maternity care and I approach my work with a keen interest in learning what is meaningful and important to each client in order to provide the best care possible.  I bring a commitment to providing support that allows each client and their family to be present with the process as it unfolds – and to feel empowered, safe and heard. It is an honour to work closely with families during such a transformative and meaningful time in their lives.


I'm  a mom, a birth doula and the office manager for the Richmond Breastfeeding Centre Midwife Lactation Consultants.  


I know from the many families I have worked with and through my own experience that the first hours and weeks following the birth of your baby is a whirlwind of emotions!  It is so comforting to have a team of support available to help you during these important early days as a parent.   I am here to help you get the infant feeding help you need.

What Parents Say...

"As a new mom I was exhausted, sore and unsure my newborn was receiving enough milk.  Jill was my family's saviour!  She came over immediately to show me how to properly latch my baby.  She also educated us on how to know my baby was drinking enough milk. Most importantly, she put our minds at ease regarding the stresses of being new parents.  Having Jill there to answer all our questions meant the world to us.  I highly recommend her.”

Yvonne L.

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